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Mountains of the Moon University (Business Incubator)

The tight relation of Howest with Mountains of the Moon University in Fort-Portal (MMU) as a partner school in Uganda took off via the VLIRUOS-IUC which phased-in already in the year 2012.  This big budget and long lasting VLIRUOS Institutional University Cooperation project is led by the University of Ghent (Faculty of Bio Science) and joined by the Free University of Brussels, Catholic University of Leuven and the Thomas More University College together with Howest University College.

Hand in hand with the Thomas More University College we realized the SOLAR-driven MMU-university radio.  With Cisco company we constructed an optical fibre internet connection, server room and wireless network at the main campus Saaka.  Since 2015 we count the continuous renewals of our direct Memorandum Of Understanding between Howest and MMU.  Howest is reknown to walk its talk: our direct MOU embeds mutual exchange of expertise, staff and students of which the recent international Howest term (2021-22 in Bruges and Kortrijk) taken by MMU-students of the faculty of ICT, are exemplary.  Last April 2022 a dual delegation of both Howest and the Province of West-Flanders went to Uganda to assure post-corona follow ups on our shared projects, amongst which MMU.  The establishing of an ICT-Business Incubator at MMU's Saaka campus is in mutual cooperation with Hogent University experts.

Status: ICT-staff visit by Howest in November 2023 to Mountains of the Moon University Faculty of Science-Technology-Innovation on the continuation of the Business Incubator and the pitching of Kubo Global project ( annex Coder dojo (