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Shoebill stork (Pixabay by Lolame)

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Uzima Empowerment (mental health)

Within the Fort-Portal Rwengoma outskirts Uzima Empowerment Ltd is a non-profit organisation with the mission to improve mental health and to reduce stigma attached to mental health problems, working towards the prevention and response mechanisms through creating safe and open spaces where adults and children can walk in with assurance of receiving mental health support. Mental health is the pivot of human life. In Uganda it keeps being largely neglected by the public health sector and is barely addressed by only 1 (one) mental hospital plus around 50 (fifty) psychiatrists serving a population

Applied Human Machine Intelligence in East Africa

This European capacity building project in the field of higher education, as funded by the Erasmus-edu-2022-cbHE-strand-2 commission, is planned and deployed from 2023 to 2026 by the consortium of AP University (lead) and Howest University (content experts), Neapolis University (Cy), Universidad de Vigo Uvi (Es), Makerere and Muni University, Innovent Consult and RENU (Ug), Ardhi University and the Karume Institute of Science and Technology and Saraha Consult (Tz)) to empower both the Uganda and Tanzania economies with the future-proof competences in Internet-of-Things (IoT) based data science

Social Projects in Fort-Portal

Howest foresees intensive internships by its last-year students from social work, applied health science, applied psychology and occupational therapy at one of underneath trusted social projects of their choice, possibly taking off in the academic year 2022-23. SOS Children's Villages This family strengthening programme supports families to be able to take better care of their own children. SOS Children’s Villages makes as well use of the family-like care model to offer a permanent home, security, medical care, and education to children without temporarily parental care. In this sense it is

Virika Hospital in Fort-Portal (SOLAR installation by Prov.WVL)

The Holy Family Virika Hospital in Fort-Portal is one of the oldest medical posts around the country, founded by the catholic White Sisters in 1911. The hospital is a not-for-profit ran by the Virika Community and offers health prevention, medical care (surgery, dentist, maternity, X-ray, …). As a midsize hospital with over 150 staff, 8 000 admitted and 21 000 ambulant patients annually, the Virika is an important health quality centre for its wide region. On top of that it, hosts two training centres: the Virika School of Nursing and Midwifery (50 staff, 400 students) and the Bishop Magambo

Mbarara University of Science and Technology (Entrepreneurship Centre by Prov.WVL)

Howest joins an Institutional University Cooperation, lead by the VUB. The targeted partner institution in Uganda is the Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). Six subprojects span the backbone of this consortium of which Howest takes the lead in project 5 (P5) with youth employability as its main goal. Uganda combines underemployment with a far too rapid population growth. Currently, 64% of the unemployed are aged 18 to 30. Around 62% to 83% of young people have no formal employment (depending on the source). Although many youngsters are engaged in the informal economy and in

Angel’s Centre for Children with Needs

Link: Contact: Status: internship(s) Howest Occupational Therapists Feb 2023

KAFRED Development at Bigodi Sanctuary

Led by its director John Tinka the Kibale Association For Rural and Environmental Development (KAFRED) which is located in the Bigodi village (at 1 hour drive from Fort-Portal) was established in 1992. KAFRED is an official Community Based Organization (CBO) in Uganda. Its purpose is to protect the local environment while advancing health, education and economic growth in the wider local community, which is a triple challenge. The protected Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary hosts many indigenous birds and neighbours the Ugandan Wildlife Authority’s nature park Kibale Forest, which is reknown for its

Mountains of the Moon University (Business Incubator)

The tight relation of Howest with Mountains of the Moon University in Fort-Portal (MMU) as a partner school in Uganda took off via the VLIRUOS-IUC which phased-in already in the year 2012. This big budget and long lasting VLIRUOS Institutional University Cooperation project is led by the University of Ghent (Faculty of Bio Science) and joined by the Free University of Brussels, Catholic University of Leuven and the Thomas More University College together with Howest University College. Hand in hand with the Thomas More University College we realized the SOLAR-driven MMU-university radio. With

Mpanga River Documentary (*)

Where people meet, things happen. Back in 2011 Howest journalism student Dries Dehaudt shot a documentary ‘Orugendo Rwakavera’ (‘The journey of a plastic bag’) for the NGO Join for water, about the river Mpanga in the Ruwenzori region of Uganda, in cooperation with Narafi students and with the experts of Protos (former name of the NGO about water and sanitation). Link: YouTube: Contact: Status: archived