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Uzima Empowerment (mental health)

Within the Fort-Portal Rwengoma outskirts Uzima Empowerment Ltd is a non-profit organisation with the mission to improve mental health and to reduce stigma attached to mental health problems, working towards the prevention and response mechanisms through creating safe and open spaces where adults and children can walk in with assurance of receiving mental health support. 

Mental health is the pivot of human life.  In Uganda it keeps being largely neglected by the public health sector and is barely addressed by only 1 (one) mental hospital plus around 50 (fifty) psychiatrists serving a population of fifty million.  The exponential growth of the latter and a multitude of uncontrolled natural and human factors increase this huge health threat.

Through this need Uzima Empowerment arose during the pandemic and takes up the challenge to at least address all the mentally suffering. Uzima Empowerment does not only counsel the people, youth and children but aims to empower first line professionals (such as police, local leaders, teachers, journalists) and second line medicals (such as first-aid helpers, nurses, doctors, health team members).  Uzima Empowerment also embarks on raising awareness for mental health within the communities. 

When citing from its mission: to holistically improve the mental well-being of people and enhance understanding the link between physical and mental health.  To provide psychosocial support to patients living with mental health problems and neurological related conditions.  To empower their families and strive towards reducing the stigma attached to mental health and neurological disorders.

A Memorandum Of Understanding is alive between Uzima Empowerment and Howest Applied Psychology and Social Work.  Also Hogent embarks on this global partnership team.

Status: site visit by Howest Outreach in November 2023 (on MOU targets such as infrastructure and internships)