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Social Projects in Fort-Portal

Howest foresees intensive internships by its last-year students from social work, applied health science, applied psychology and occupational therapy at one of underneath trusted social projects of their choice, possibly taking off in the academic year 2022-23.

SOS Children's Villages

This family strengthening programme supports families to be able to take better care of their own children.

SOS Children’s Villages makes as well use of the family-like care model to offer a permanent home, security, medical care, and education to children without temporarily parental care.  In this sense it is unlike an orphanage.

Kyaninga Child Development Centre

Kyaninga CDC offers a unique intervention in children-with-disabilities lives through an holistic approach that aims at ‘helping all children reach their full life potential’.

Caring for a child with disabilities or additional needs places huge burdens on families and caregivers, especially in developing countries such as Uganda. KCDC also provides in adequate training, education and support to families, carers and communities in the care of children and young adults with special needs.





Status: several site visits by Howest Applied Psychology September 2022 (on MOU preparations)